Why was BusyBeePad developed? What's the story behind the service?


BusyBeePad is designed by a very busy entrepreneur who has several successful businesses and a very busy family life - married with 3 kids, 2 homes, and a dog!

He searched for several years to find a perfect way to manage his most valuable business assets: his Time and his Focus.

After trying many paid and free services that claimed to help in this area, he found there really was nothing that perfectly suited his needs.

So he went to work and designed the perfect way to store all his ToDo's, Reminders, Dates and notes, all in one place. He wanted something that was very simple, very effective and very accessible.

Thus the birth of BusyBeePad.

Then he hired a team of talented web-developers, graphics artist and IT infrastructure companies to develop the web-app and maintain the service.

So BusyBeePad is designed by a busy and successful person, for busy people who want to get more done, who want to feel more organized, who want to feel more peace of mind and above all who want to become more successful.

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